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Short Communication

Integrated Disease Management of Leaf Spot/Blight (Alternaria spp.) of Cabbage


Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani, Maharashtra

Corresponding Author's Email: gaikwadpa574@gmail.com


An experiment was conducted to find out the effective and eco-friendly management of leaf spot/blight of Cabbage incited by Alternaria spp. Results revealed that all the treatments significantly reduced the Alternaria leaf spot/ blight disease incidence over unsprayed control in cabbage Cv. Sungrow. The mean percentage Alternaria leaf spot/ blight disease incidence recorded with all the treatment was ranged from 15.30 (Mancozeb) to 30.04 (P. fluorescens) per cent. All the four fungicides tested, recorded significantly minimum mean disease incidence over untreated control (48.73%). However, Mancozeb was found most effective and recorded significantly least mean disease incidence (15.30%). This was followed by Propiconazole (18.36%) and Hexaconazole (19.52%). Of the botanicals tested, A. sativum recorded significantly minimum disease incidence (22.50%) and was followed by A. indica (28.33%). Antagonists T. harzianum and T.viride recorded percentage disease incidence of 21.90 and 22.30 per cent, respectively. The percentage disease intensity recorded in all the treatments was ranged from 18.57 (mancozeb) to 30.66 (P.fluorescens) per cent. Among the fungicides tested, Mancozeb recorded significantly least disease intensity (18.57%) and there by caused significantly highest disease reduction (50.10%) in the disease intensity. Among the fungicides tested Manozeb (0.2%) recorded significantly least mean disease intensity 18.57 per cent and gave highest Head yield (4.33 kg/pot) with highest increased in Head yield (50.11%) over untreated control. Based on incremental cost: benefit ratio (ICBR) of the spray treatments, fungicide Mancozeb was found best with highest ICBR of 1:3.71, and was found most effective and economical for the management of Alternaria leaf spot/blight of cabbage. The second and third best fungicides found were Propiconazole (ICBR, 1:1.54) and Hexaconazole (ICBR, 1:1.45).

Keywords: Alternaria spp, bioagent, botanical, cabbage, fungicide, management.

Page No.: 11253-11260

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