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Short Communication

Marketing Behaviour of Beetle Vine Growers in Thane District of Konkan Region of Maharashtra


Department of Extension Education Dr. B. S. Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Corresponding Author's Email: hemantborate2006@gmail.com


The study was conducted in Thane districtof Konkan region of Maharashtra state.The objective of the study was to study themarketing behaviour of beetle vine growers. Two villages namely (Mahim and Kelve) were randomly selected. Fifty farmers from each village (Beetlevine cultivation villages) were selected on random basis. Thus, total 100 respondents were selected from two villages.The statistical methods and tests such as frequency, percentage, mean were used for the analysis of data.The study revealed that majority of the respondents (54.00 %) ‘always’ and (46.00%) ‘sometimes’studied available resources and facilities in the area before undertaking new plantation, all (100.00 %) ‘sometimes’ understood the consumers’ preferences before plantation, all (100.00%) ‘always’ collected information about institutions/ persons engaged in marketing of beetle vine leaves, (98.00 %) ‘always’ selected institution/ person giving profit through sale of beetle vine leaves, all (100.00 %) ‘always’ decided the marketing channels that will give maximum profit, all (100.00 %) ‘always’ contacted farmers in the villages, traders and cooperative societies, ‘sometimes’ used newspaper (76.00 %) and internet (98.00 %) as source of information, (54 .00%) and (46.00%) prepared plan for sources and methods for procuring inputs ‘always’ and sometimes’, respectively, (46.00 %) and (54.00%) prepared plan for capital management ‘always’ and sometimes’, respectively, (54.00%) ‘always consulted progressive farmers and family members, (46.00 %) ‘sometimes’ consulted progressive farmers and family members for taking decisions, all (100.00) ‘always’ cultivating the varieties as decided, all (100.00) ‘always’ used regulated market and sold their produce outside the state, All (100.00) ‘always’ cleaned all the beetle vine leaves, undertook grading of leaves, stored in bamboo basket and packed the leaves with paddy straw, All (100.00) ‘always’ used private (autorikshaw and cycle) and public (railway) vehicle as a mode of transport, All (100.00)‘always’ year round demand for beetle vine leaves, (98.00%) ‘sometimes’ demand during festivals, all (100.00) ‘always’ sold the beetle vine leaves immediately after harvest and when the prices are high through cooperatives, all (100.00) ‘always’ counting the quantity of produce at the time of sale.

Keywords: Marketing Behaviour, Beetlevine Growers

Page No.: 11166-11170

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