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Short Communication

Growth and Seed Yield of Summer Soybean Under Different Planting Techniques


Department of Agronomy, Post Graduate Institute, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, Dist. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Corresponding Author's Email: govindpaul96@gmail.com


A field experiment was conducted during summer season 2015 at experimental farm of water management project, M.P.K.V., Rahuri (Maharashtra) to study the effect of different planting layouts and spacing on soybean seed yield. The field experiment was laid out in a factorial randomized block design with three replications. First factor comprised of two planting layouts viz., flatbed (M1) and ridges-furrows (M2) while second factor comprised of four spacing treatments viz., 22.5 cm x 10 cm (S1), 30 cm x 10 cm (S2), 30 cm x 7.5 cm (S3) and 45 cm x 5 cm (S4) in clay textured soil. Important growth contributing characters of soybean viz., plant height (cm), number of leaflets plant-1, leaf area plant-1 (dm2), number of branches plant-1, number of days required to flower initiation as well as number of days required to attain physiological maturity were significantly higher when soybean was grown on ridges and furrows in comparison with flatbeds. But, the chlorophyll content (%) and absorbed Photosynthetically active radiations (APAR) was nonsignificantly differed at both the planting layouts and at four spacings, except APAR at 45 cm x 5 cm at 28 DAS. Important yield attributes and economics of soybean viz., dry matter plant-1, number of pods plant-1, seed weight plant- 1 were significantly higher at spacing 30 cm x 10 cm, while the seed and stover yield as well as gross and net monetary returns were significantly higher when soybean was sown at spacing 45 cm x 5 cm as compared to all other spacing tested. It could be summarized from the results that, the cultivation of soybean on ridges and furrows at 30 cm x 10 cm and 45 cm x 5 cm spacings found more suitable to get optimum vegetative growth and ridges furrows with 45 cm x 5 cm spacing found most suitable to obtain maximum quality seed yield and monetary benefits during summer season.

Keywords: Planting layouts, Spacing, Soybean growth, Seed production, Net returns, Summer season.

Page No.: 11279-11285

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