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Short Communication

Screening of Cashew Varieties for Quality Parameters


Department of Fruit Science and Horticulture Technology College of Agriculture, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Corresponding Author's Email: anniee_19@yahoo.com* and lipsapritbhusan@gmail.com


An experiment was conducted in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with three replications in the Post-Harvest Laboratory of the Department of Fruit Science and Horticulture Technology. Fifteen entries were screened for quality analysis. These fifteen cultivars namely K22- 1, BPP-6, Bhaskara, Goa-1, Priyanka, Jhargram-1, Vengurla-1, NRCC-2, UN-50, Chintamani-1, BBSR-1, Ullal-3, Ullal-4, Madakkathra-2 and Dhana encountered significant difference in respect of all the characters evaluated.The juice extraction of cashew apple varied from 67.62% (Vengurla-1) to 88.15% (Bhaskara).The Ascorbic acid content (189.34mg/100g to 275.42mg/ 100g), TSS (10.29% to 12.70%), pH (4.10 to 4.60), titrable acidity (0.30% to 0.51%), non reducing sugar (0.76% to 1.98%), reducing sugar (4.87% to 11.63%) and total sugar (5.99% to 12.76%) varied widely among all entries.Varieties BPP-6 and NRCC-2 jointly expressed highest percentage of juice recovery by grinder having values 72.14% and 71.37% respectively.The chemical properties of the extracted juice of cashew apple exhibited significant difference among the fifteen entries. Cultivar UN-50 expressed a highest TSS value of 12.70 Brix with ascorbic acid content of 275.42 mg/100 g of juice, which was also highest. But the Goa-1 variety exhibited highest reducing sugar percentage of 12.76% followed by Dhana (10.38).

Keywords: Cashew varieties, TSS, acidity, sugar, pH, ascorbic acid

Page No.: 11261-11263

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